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J. Mark Porter & Edward F. Anderson

Erect or ascending, branches generally 0. Stem: 5–20 cm, 2–12 cm diam, ovoid to cylindric, not segmented, firm; ribs 8–21, prominent; tubercles distinct along ribs. Spines: [2]10–24 per areole, 0.3–2.1 mm diam, needle-like or awl-shaped, straight to curved or hooked; central spines 1–11 per areole. Flower: ± terminal, from upper edge of spine cluster, 25–75 mm diam; perianth ± green-yellow to magenta; ovary glabrous, spineless, scales sparse, rounded, ciliate at least near tip. Fruit: dehiscent by 2–4 short longitudinal slits, cylindric to ± spheric, spines 0. Seed: 2–3.7 mm, reniform, tubercled, glossy or shiny, black.
± 25 species: southwestern United States, Mexico. (Greek: hard or cruel cactus)

Key to Sclerocactus

1. Central spines 4–8 per areole, all ± alike, robust, 1–1.5 mm wide at base, straight to curved but not hooked ..... S. johnsonii

1' Central spines 9–11 per areole, of 2 kinds, hooked spines 5–8 per areole, slender and flexible, 0.3–0.7 mm wide at base, distal-most spines 1–3 per areole, upright, straight, flat, ± white, 1–2.1 mm wide at base ..... S. polyancistrus


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