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Kim R. Kersh & John L. Strother

Annual, ± perennial herb, aquatic or subaquatic. Stem: prostrate to ascending, or floating, generally < 6 dm. Leaf: cauline, opposite, generally < 40 mm, generally narrowly ± obovate to ± round, ± entire. Inflorescence: flowers 1–3 per leaf axil, sessile or pedicelled. Flower: sepals (4)5, unequal; corolla 5-lobed, generally white to pink or blue, throat yellow, occasionally with white; stamens 4; ovary subtended by nectary, stigma weakly 2-lobed. Fruit: loculicidal or septicidal, spheric. Seed: > 30, 0.1–0.3 mm, evenly sculptured with rectangular pits.
± 100 species: tropics, warm temperate. (Presumed to be aboriginal name) [Barrett & Strother 1978 Syst Bot 3:408–419] Bacopa repens (Sw.) Wettst. an historical weed in rice fields, last reported in 1976. Some flowers cleistogamous.

Key to Bacopa

1. Leaf narrowly ± obovate, vein 1; pedicel bractlets 2, near tip ..... B. monnieri

1' Leaf ovate or obovate to ± round, veins > 6, palmate; pedicel bractlets 0

2a. Sepals 4(5), outer narrowly ovate to elliptic, generally ciliate; leaf 10–23 mm, 8–12 mm wide ..... [B. repens]

2a' Sepals 5, outer ovate to ± round, not ciliate; leaf 12–36 mm, 14–20 mm wide

2. Pedicel 15–51 mm, generally >> leaf; corolla 10–14 mm; anthers 1.8–2.8 mm, notably exserted ..... B. eisenii

2' Pedicel 5–18 mm, generally < leaf; corolla 5–8 mm; anthers 0.6–1.3 mm, little, if at all, exserted ..... B. rotundifolia


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