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1. Inflorescence thornless

2. Flowers 2.5–5 mm, ± cleistogamous, keel petal beakless ..... P. californica (2)

2' At least some flowers > 7 mm, opening, keel petal beaked

3. Flower 9–14.5 mm (occasionally 2.5–5 mm cleistogamous flowers near plant base), keel petal beak oblong, generally notched or contorted, ± 0.7–1 mm diam near tip; aril glabrous ..... P. californica (2)

3' Flower 7–14 mm, of 1 kind, keel petal beak linear, entire, ± 0.2 mm diam near tip; aril hairy ..... P. cornuta

4. Flower 8.5–14 mm, wings dense-puberulent; upper sepal generally acute to acuminate ..... var. cornuta

4' Flower 7–11.2 mm, wings generally ciliate, surface glabrous or puberulent only near tip; upper sepal generally rounded to obtuse ..... var. fishiae

1' Inflorescence thorn-tipped

5. Flower 2.5–5.3 mm, wings cream or ± green; twigs densely hairy

6. Pedicels, outer sepals, and leaves spreading-hairy ..... P. acanthoclada

6' Pedicels glabrous; outer sepals glabrous or ciliate, occasionally sparsely hairy near tip; leaf hairs incurved or appressed ..... P. intermontana

5' Flower 6–13.5 mm, wings pink; twigs glabrous to short-stiff-hairy

7. Keel petal beak prominently notched below; seeds hairier near aril ..... P. heterorhyncha

7' Keel petal beak entire or ± jagged; seeds generally evenly hairy ..... P. subspinosa


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