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(Annual) [perennial herb] to shrub, generally with rhizome; glands salt-secreting. Stem: prostrate to erect, nodes swollen, generally rooting. Leaf: opposite, 4-ranked, united by a single sheath, ± clustered, simple, 1–15 mm, salt-encrusted, generally persistent; blade obovate to oblong-oblanceolate or elliptic, generally leathery or fleshy, glabrous to hairy, margin entire, rolled under; stipules 0. Inflorescence: generally cyme, axillary. Flower: generally bisexual, radial; calyx persistent, sepals 4–7, fused, ribbed; petals 4–7, free, white to pink or blue-purple, overlapping, clawed, with adaxial scale-like appendage near base; stamens 3–12(25), 2-whorled, outer whorl shorter; ovary superior, chambers 1–4, styles 1–4, exserted, ovules 1–many. Fruit: loculicidal capsule within persistent calyx. Seed: 1–many, ivory to gold-brown.
90 species: especially coastal and semi-arid regions; soils high in salt, gypsum, or calcium. (Johann Frankenius, colleague of Linnaeus) [Whalen 1987 Syst Bot Monogr 17:1–93]

Key to Frankenia

1. Annual; stem 1–8 cm ..... [F. pulverulenta]

1' Subshrub or shrub; stem 10–60 cm

2. Leaf blade 2–7 mm, generally < 1 mm wide, margins strongly thickened, tightly rolled under, lower surface obscured; petals 3–7 mm ..... F. palmeri

2' Leaf blade 4–15 mm, 1–6 mm wide, margins not strongly thickened, weakly rolled under, lower surface ± exposed; petals 6–14 mm ..... F. salina


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