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Paul A. Fryxell & Steven R. Hill

Annual (perennial herb) [subshrub]. Stem: decumbent [ascending] to erect. Leaf: generally ± lobed, ± entire to crenate or dentate, reduced distally on stem; stipules inconspicuous, deciduous. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle, open, or flowers 1 in leaf axils; flowering stalks not jointed, >> flower; bractlets 0. Flower: calyx generally larger in fruit; petals ± purple, white, or yellow; anthers at top of filament tube; styles 5–20, stigmas head-like. Fruit: hemispheric to disk-like; segments 5–20, indehiscent, puberulent to bristly, side walls disintegrating, spur or spine 1 at distal angle or 0. Seed: enclosed in net-veined envelope or not, glabrous or puberulent.
25 species: especially Mexico to South America. (Ceylonese or Greek: without knot, from flower stalk not jointed) Anoda pentaschista A. Gray (petals yellow, generally fading ± red, fruit 4–5 mm diam, segments 5–8) a weed of citrus groves.
Unabridged etymology: (Ceylonese name; or Greek a, without and nodos, knot referring to lack of flower stalk articulation seen in some other genera)
Unabridged references: [Fryxell 1987 Aliso 11:485–522; Fryxell 1988 Syst Bot Monogr 25:82–105]

Key to Anoda

1. Petals ± purple or white; fruit 8–11 mm diam, segments 10–20 ..... A. cristata

1' Petals yellow, generally fading ± red; fruit 4–5 mm diam, segments 5–8 ..... [A. pentaschista]


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