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Alan R. Smith

Roots smooth, pale, generally with bulblets or plantlets. Leaf: trophophore simple, linear to lanceolate or cordate, not midribbed, entire, firm, herbaceous, tip rounded, acuminate, or often mucronate, veins netted with included free branched or unbranched veinlets; sporophore generally > sterile, unbranched, slender. Sporangia: in 2 rows, sunken in a linear, long-stalked axis.
20–25 species: generally warm temperate, tropics. (Greek: snake's tongue, from extended sporophore of leaf) {hort link} Incl highest chromosome numbers known in vascular plants.

Key to Ophioglossum

1. Trophophore 1–2(3) per caudex, separated from sporophore ± at ground, blade lanceolate, < 3(4) cm, < 1 cm wide, tip acuminate or mucronate ..... O. californicum

1' Trophophore 1 per caudex, separated from sporophore well above ground, blade oblanceolate to obovate, generally 4–10 cm, 1.8–4 cm wide, tip rounded ..... O. pusillum


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