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Robert P. Adams & Jim A. Bartel

Shrub, tree; generally dioecious. Stem: bark thin, peeling in strips; young shoots 4-angled to cylindric. Leaf: opposite (4-ranked) or whorled in 3s (6-ranked), scale-like to less often awl- or needle-like. Pollen cone: generally terminal; pollen sacs 2–6 per scale. Seed cone: generally terminal, 5–18 mm, ± spheric, ± fleshy, berry-like, glaucous or not, dry or resinous, generally maturing 2nd year, surrounded at base by minute scale-like bracts; scales 3–8, fused, opposite or whorled in 3s. Seed: 1–3 per cone, ± flat, unwinged, often not angled, generally animal-dispersed over 2 years; cotyledons 2–6.
67 species, 28 var.: northern hemisphere except northeastern Africa. (Latin: juniper) [Adams & Nguyen 2007 Phytologia 89:43–57; Adams et al. 2006 Phytologia 88:299–309]
Unabridged references: [Adams 2004 Junipers of the World: The genus Juniperus. Trafford Publ., Vancouver]

Key to Juniperus

1. Leaf awl- or needle-like, suberect to spreading but not appressed; pollen, seed cones axillary; shrub < 1 m (sect. Juniperus) ..... J. communis

2. Leaf 10–20+ mm; glaucous stomatal band ± 1–1.5 × as wide as green leaf margin ..... var. depressa

2' Leaf 5–10(12) mm; glaucous stomatal band 2–4 × as wide as green leaf margin

3. Mature seed cone elongate to ± spheric; glaucous stomatal band 3–4 × as wide as green leaf margin ..... var. jackii

3' Mature seed cone spheric; glaucous stomatal band 2 × as wide as green leaf margin ..... var. saxatilis

1' Leaf generally scale-like, closely appressed; pollen, seed cones terminal; tree, shrub > 1 m (sect. Sabina)

4. Seed cone maturing blue-black; tree 5–15(30) m

5. Bark red-brown; leaves generally whorled in 3s; generally dioecious; High North Coast Ranges, High Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, East of Sierra Nevada, Desert Mountains ..... J. grandis

5' Bark brown; leaves opposite or whorled in 3s; generally ± monoecious; High Cascade Range, Modoc Plateau ..... J. occidentalis

4' Seed cone maturing red-brown; shrub, tree 1–8(10) m

6. Leaf gland obvious; trunks several at base; generally dioecious ..... J. californica

6' Leaf gland obscure; trunk generally 1 at base; monoecious ..... J. osteosperma


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