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1. Annual; monoecious; ovary 1-chambered, style 1, simple ..... C. setiger

1' Perennial herb to shrub; dioecious; ovary 3-chambered, styles 3, 2-lobed, lobes 2-forked

2. Seed 3.5–5.5 mm; pedicels in fruit 1–1.5(3) mm; staminate sepals ± 2–2.5 mm; Tehachapi Mountain Area, San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast, South Coast Ranges, South Coast, s Channel Islands (Santa Catalina Island), Transverse Ranges, Peninsular Ranges, Desert ..... C. californicus

2' Seed 6.5–7 mm; pedicels in fruit 4–7 mm; staminate sepals 2.5–3 mm; se Sonoran Desert (se Imperial Co.) ..... C. wigginsii


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