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Kathleen A. Kron & Walter S. Judd

Shrub to tree, glabrous, hairy, and/or with glandular scale-like hairs. Stem: prostrate to erect, bark thin, sometimes peeling or shredding. Leaf: alternate, evergreen or deciduous, ovate to obovate to elliptic, margin entire, flat to rolled under. Inflorescence: raceme, 1–many-flowered, bracts green to red-brown. Flower: sepals, petals generally 5, corolla radial to bilateral, 1–5 cm, petals free to ± fused, spots or blotch present or 0; anther awns 0; ovary superior. Fruit: capsule, septicidal, dehiscing base to tip or tip to base, placentas axile. Seed: many, fusiform, ± flat to not, wings and/or tails present or 0.
± 1000 species: northern hemisphere, tropical Asia, to Australia. (Greek: rose tree)
Unabridged references: [Chamberlain 1982. Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 39:209–486; Cullen 1980 Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 39:1–207]

Key to Rhododendron

1. Leaves deciduous, thin; stamens 5; corolla white to pink to salmon, upper petal with yellow to orange blotch at base; fruit dehiscing tip to base ..... R. occidentale

1' Leaves evergreen, leathery; stamens (8)10; corolla white to cream or to pink or purple; fruit dehiscing tip to base or base to tip

2. Plant with ± flat glandular scales at least abaxially on leaf; petals white to cream; fruit dehiscing base to tip ..... R. columbianum

2' Plant without ± flat glandular scales; petals white to pink or purple; fruit dehiscing tip to base ..... R. macrophyllum


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