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Walter S. Judd

Shrub, glabrous or short- or long-hairy, glandular or not, often smelling of wintergreen, generally rhizomed. Stem: prostrate to erect, rooting at nodes or not. Leaf: alternate, evergreen, leathery, entire to serrate. Inflorescence: raceme, each flower with 1 bract, 2 bractlets, or flowers 1 in leaf axils, each with 4–10 bractlets; pedicel jointed to flower. Flower: sepals generally 5, fused; petals 5, fused, cylindric, urn-, or bell-shaped, white to red; stamens (5,8)10, anthers dehiscing by 2 short, slit-like to rounded pores, awns (0,2)4, sometimes reduced; ovary superior or 1/2-inferior, chambers (4)5, placentas axile, at top. Fruit: capsule, loculicidal or irregularly dehiscing, generally ± enclosed by fleshy, colorful calyx (or a berry and/or with non-fleshy calyx). Seed: few to many per chamber, appendages 0.
± 130 species: circum-Pacific, eastern North America, eastern Brazil, Himalayas. (J.F. Gaulthier, botanist, physician, Quebec, 1708–1756) [Middleton 1991 Bot J Linn Soc 106:229–258]

Key to Gaultheria

1. Leaf (3)5–13 cm; stem generally 20–200 cm, coarse; flowers in axillary racemes, each with 1 bract, 2 bractlets; corolla urn-shaped, glandular-hairy; filaments puberulent, anther awns 4; calyx dark purple to ± blue-black in fruit ..... G. shallon

1' Leaf 0.5–3.5(4.5) cm; stem < 35 cm, slender; flowers 1 in leaf axils, each with 4–10 bractlets; corolla bell-shaped, glabrous; filaments papillate, anther awns 0; calyx red in fruit

2. Sepals glabrous; stem glabrous to puberulent, long glandular hairs 0 to moderate; leaf minutely serrate or ± entire (or appearing so), especially near base, tip obtuse to rounded ..... G. humifusa

2' Sepals glandular-hairy; stem puberulent and moderate- to densely long-hairy, glandular or not; leaf minutely serrate, tip short-acuminate or acute to obtuse ..... G. ovatifolia


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