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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Perennial herb; tuber large; occasionally temporarily dioecious. Stem: ± scabrous or hairy, glabrous in age; tendril branched. Leaf: ± round, ± cordate, ± 5–7-lobed. Inflorescence: staminate flowers in racemes or panicles (or 1 flower per node early); pistillate flower 1 per node, generally at same nodes as staminate. Flower: sepals 0; staminate flower 3–15 mm wide, rotate to cup-shaped, white to cream or yellow-green; stamens fused, anthers twisted together; stigma (pistillate flowers) 1, ± hemispheric. Fruit: capsule, irregular-dehiscent from tip, ± symmetric, 3–20 cm, spheric to ovate or oblong, ± prickly, beak << body or 0. Seed: 1–many, generally > 1 cm, ± ovate, ± flat.
7 species: western North America. (Hebrew: bitter, from taste of all parts) [Borchert 2006 Ecol Res 21:641–650]
Unabridged references: [Nicholls & Bohm 1982 J Nat Prod 45:453–454; Schlising 1969 Amer J Bot 56:552–561]
Unabridged note: Sometimes included in Echinocystis.

Key to Marah

1. Corolla rotate, yellow-green to cream or white; ovary, fruit ± spheric, prickles sparse to ± dense, ± stiff, unhooked ..... M. fabacea

1' Corolla ± cup-shaped, white; ovary, fruit generally not spheric, prickles sparse to dense, stiff or flexible, hooked or not

2. Staminate flowers generally < 8 mm wide; herbage glaucous; ovary, fruit ± spheric, prickles sparse to dense, flexible, generally hooked; seeds 1–4, ± spheric ..... M. watsonii

2' Staminate flowers generally > 8 mm wide; herbage not glaucous; ovary, fruit ovate to oblong or tapered to beak, prickles generally dense, stiff or flexible, unhooked; seeds generally 3–24, disk-shaped to ovoid or oblong

3. Ovary, fruit ± spheric, tapered to beak, often striped dark green, prickles sparse to dense, flexible; seeds generally 3–6, disk-shaped, ± flat — Northwestern California, San Francisco Bay Area ..... M. oregana

3' Ovary, fruit oblong, generally not tapered to beak, not striped green, prickles ± dense, stiff; seeds generally > 6, ovoid to oblong, occasionally flat at 1 end

4. Corolla deeply cup-shaped; seeds flat at 1 end; c&s Sierra Nevada Foothills, Tehachapi Mountain Area ..... M. horrida

4' Corolla shallowly cup-shaped; seeds not flat at 1 end; Southwestern California, Sonoran Desert ..... M. macrocarpa


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