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William J. Hess

Shrub- or tree-like, generally branched from woody caudex, occasionally dying after fruiting. Leaf: rosette basal or at branch tips, 2–15 dm, linear, thick, ± rigid, stout-spine-tipped, bases ± expanded, margins generally curved up, entire or dentate, often fibrous-shredding. Inflorescence: panicle [raceme], erect (pendent), dense; peduncle generally < 2 cm wide; bracts generally ascending. Flower: generally pendent, 3–13 cm; perianth parts 6 in 2 whorls, generally ± fused, ± white, fleshy, waxy; stamens 6, filaments ± thick, fleshy; ovary superior, 3(6)-chambered, generally green, style short, often thick, poorly defined, stigmas 3-lobed, white to pale green. Fruit: berry-like or generally capsule, erect or pendent, tardily septicidal or generally indehiscent. Seed: ± many in 2 rows per chamber, often flat, black.
± 40 species: eastern coastal plain, southeastern, sc, & especially dry southwestern North America; northern, central-western Mexico, northern Central America. (Haitian: yuca or manihot, because young inflorescences occasionally roasted for food) Pollinated at night by small moths while laying eggs in ovary. Yucca whipplei moved to Hesperoyucca.
Unabridged references: [Hess & Robbins 2002 FNANM 26: 423–439]

Key to Yucca

1. Leaf margins minute-serrate, not fibrous-shredding; leaf 15–35 cm; fruit dry, spongy, or leathery in youth, spreading to erect in age; s High Sierra Nevada (e slope), Tehachapi Mountain Area, e East of Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert ..... Y. brevifolia

1' Leaf margins fibrous-shredding, not serrate; leaf 30–150 cm; fruit fleshy in youth, pendent in age; s Southwestern California, s Mojave Desert, e Desert Mountains, nw Sonoran Desert

2. Stem ± 0 or short-decumbent, rosettes at tips, ± at ground; perianth parts 5–13 cm, fused > 1 mm; e Desert Mountains ..... Y. baccata var. baccata

2' Stem erect, rosettes at tips, well above ground; perianth parts 3–5 cm, free or fused < 1 mm; s Southwestern California (San Diego Co.), s Mojave Desert, nw Sonoran Desert ..... Y. schidigera


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