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James L. Reveal

Shrub-like, stem often short, forming basal rosettes, scapose, often rhizomed, generally dying after flowering. Leaf: long-lived, sessile, lance-linear to ovate, thick, generally rigid, often fleshy, glabrous, armed with marginal teeth, spine at tip. Inflorescence: panicle-, raceme-, or spike-like, bracted, often with bulblets. Flower: [1] paired, or in clusters of 3–40; perianth generally funnel- or bell-shaped, yellow to green-yellow, parts petal-like, 6 in 2 whorls, fused basally, lobes erect to ascending or ± spreading distally; stamens 6; ovary inferior, 3-chambered. Fruit: oblong to ovoid, often beaked, loculicidal. Seed: many, ± flat, black.
± 200 species: warm, tropical America. (Greek: noble, for imposing stature) [Reveal & Hodgson 2002 FNANM 26:442–461]
Unabridged note: Cult material may be identified using Gentry 1982 Agaves of Continental N. America. Univ. Arizona Press.

Key to Agave

1. Inflorescence raceme-like; filaments white, ± from base of perianth tube; leaf tip-spine 4–20 cm ..... A. utahensis

2. Leaf tip-spine ivory-white, 10–20 cm ..... var. eborispina

2' Leaf tip-spine brown to ± white, 4–8.5 cm ..... var. nevadensis

1' Inflorescence panicle-like; filaments yellow, from middle of perianth tube or above; leaf tip-spine 2–4 cm

3. Leaf narrow-ovate; perianth 6–10 cm, lobes 17–40 mm; fruit 5.5–7 cm; s South Coast (sw San Diego Co.) ..... A. shawii var. shawii

3' Leaf lance-linear to lanceolate; perianth 3–6 cm, lobes 13–20 mm; fruit 3–6 cm; Desert Mountains (San Bernardino Co.), Sonoran Desert ..... A. deserti

4. Perianth tube 3–5 mm, bell-shaped; filaments ± from top of perianth tube; rosettes many; Sonoran Desert ..... var. deserti

4' Perianth tube (3)5–10 mm, funnel-shaped; filaments from above middle of perianth tube; rosette 1; Desert Mountains (San Bernardino Co.) ..... var. simplex


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