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Perennial herb, rhizomes extensive, scales brown. Stem: 0. Leaf: basal, long-petioled, 2–3-ternate; leaflet blades ovate to ± cordate, lobes 3, shallow, teeth 0 or shallow. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle, ± scapose, open, long-peduncled; flowers spreading to pendent. Flower: sepals generally 12–15, 8–9 mm, outer 6–9 << inner 6, bract-like, deciduous, inner petal-like, persistent, in age reflexed; petals 6, < inner sepals, reflexed from base, distally glandular; stamens generally 6, held against ovary, style, anther valves flap-like, pointed tipward; ovules 2–10, style 1, < ovary, persistent, beak-like in fruit, stigma cup-like. Fruit: capsule, 2-valved, generally elliptic. Seed: with oily body for ant dispersal.
3 species: temperate western North America. (Captain George Vancouver, British explorer, 1757–1798) [Zhang 2007 Syst Bot 32:81–92] Pedicel appears to arise from inside flower, from tip instead of base, yielding an upside-down or "inside-out" flower.
Unabridged references: [Stearn 1938 J Linn Soc Bot 51:409–535]

Key to Vancouveria

1. Pedicel glabrous; leaflet margin thin, membranous; petiole in age straw; leaves deciduous in fruit ..... V. hexandra

1' Pedicel short glandular-hairy, at least at base; leaflet margin thick, ± white; petiole in age red-brown; leaves persistent in fruit

2. Inflorescence generally ± raceme, branched below or not; petals yellow, tips reflexed, hood-like; ovary, pedicel short glandular-hairy ..... V. chrysantha

2' Inflorescence panicle; petals white, tinged lavender or not, tips flat, notched; ovary glabrous, pedicel generally glabrous distally ..... V. planipetala


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