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Large shrub, 1- or multi-trunked tree, often pyramidal in youth; monoecious. Stem: young shoots or branches generally cylindric (sometimes ± 4-angled or flat), generally in 3-dimensional clusters. Leaf: opposite, 4-ranked, of 1 kind, scale-like, closely appressed, overlapping. Pollen cone: terminal, 2–6.5 mm, 1.3–3 mm diam, generally yellow. Seed cone: 10–50 mm, woody, ± spheric to widely cylindric, maturing 2nd year, generally closed and attached beyond maturity (> 2 years); scales (4)6–12, peltate, abutting, shield- or wedge-shaped, projection generally > 1 mm especially 1st year, pointed, base level with or rising from edge. Seed: 60–150 per cone, flat, wings generally 2, vestigial; cotyledons generally 3–5.
16 species: western and central North America, Central America. (Greek: western cypress) [Adams & Bartel 2009 Phytologia 91:287–299; Adams et al. 2009 Phytologia 91:160–185; Little 2006 Syst Bot 31:461–480]
Unabridged references: [Bartel et al. 2003 Biochem Syst Ecol 31:693–702]

Key to Hesperocyparis

1. Ultimate 2 orders of shoots or branches in 1 plane; large shrub; resin copious, sticky when fresh ..... H. macnabiana

1' Ultimate 2 orders of shoots or branches in 3-dimensions; generally tree (except generally Hesperocyparis forbesii); resin not copious, not sticky

2. Leaf glands or pits on ultimate branches, resin on leaf glands 0 or not

3. Resin ± 0 on leaf glands on ultimate branches; Peninsular Ranges

4. Multi-trunked shrub to small tree; leaf not glaucous, foliage not gray-green ..... H. forbesii

4' Single-trunked tree; leaf glaucous, foliage gray-green ..... H. stephensonii

3' Resin generally on leaf glands on ultimate branches; n of Southwestern California

5. Ultimate branches < 1 mm diam; seed cones generally < 20 mm diam; Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, n High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau ..... H. bakeri

5' Ultimate branches > 1 mm diam; seed cones generally > 20 mm diam; s Sierra Nevada ..... H. nevadensis

2' Leaf glands or pits ± 0 on ultimate branches, resin on leaf glands 0 (except Hesperocyparis sargentii in Santa Barbara Co.)

6. Crown asymmetric, often open, flat-topped to widely conic in age; seed cones 20–32(38) mm; outside native range widely planted, naturalized ..... H. macrocarpa

6' Crown symmetric, often dense, generally pyramidal in age; seed cones (10)12–27(35) mm; outside native range not widely planted, not naturalized

7. Foliage dull, dusty to gray-green, glaucous or not; on serpentine; North Coast Ranges, San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast Ranges ..... H. sargentii

7' Foliage bright to dark green, not glaucous; not on serpentine; North Coast, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area

8. Plant 1–2 m on sterile soil, 10–20(50) m on rich soil; foliage dark dull green; seed not glaucous; s North Coast (Mendocino, Sonoma cos.) ..... H. pygmaea

8' Plant 6–10(15) m; foliage yellow-green or light bright to deep green; seed glaucous or not; Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area

9. Plant 5–7 m; seed cones (10)14–20 mm; ultimate branches 0.8–1.1 mm diam; Central Coast (Monterey Peninsula) ..... H. goveniana

9' Plant 6–10(15) m; seed cones 16–30(35) mm; ultimate branches 0.9–1.2 mm diam; San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... H. abramsiana

10. Seed cones (14)16–25 mm, 14–22 mm diam; Santa Cruz Co. ..... var. abramsiana

10' Seed cones 22–32(35) mm, 22–31 mm diam; San Mateo Co. ..... var. butanoensis


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