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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Perennial herb, rhizomed [not], glabrous; roots fibrous. Stem: generally erect, 3-angled or cylindric, solid. Leaf: basal and cauline, 3-ranked; blades 4–11 per stem, linear, generally > sheaths, flat [V-shaped in ×-section], margins, generally midribs scabrous; sheaths not fibrous; ligule present or 0. Inflorescence: terminal or in axils of 1–3 distal leaves, spikelets 1 or few to many in panicle or head-like clusters; inflorescence bracts generally 3, leaf-like; spikelets < 5 mm diam; flower bracts 10–50, spiraled, 1–3.5 mm, sharp-pointed, each with 1 flower in axil. Flower: bisexual; perianth of (0)3–6 bristles, < or >> fruit, straight or strong-curled, smooth to barbed or toothed, generally persistent on fruit; stamens 1–3; style 2–3-branched, base persistent. Fruit: 0.5–1.8 mm, ovate, obovate, or elliptic, 2–3-sided, minute-papillate or -pitted.
± 35 species: North America, Mexico, Eurasia, Australia. [Whittemore & Schuyler 2002 FNANM 23:8–21] Other taxa in TJM (1993) moved to Amphiscirpus, Bolboschoenus, Isolepis, Schoenoplectus, Trichophorum.
Unabridged references: [Schuyler 1967 Proc Acad Nat Sci Philadelphia 119:295–323; Browning et al. 1995 Brittonia 47:433–445; Smith 1995 Novon 5:97–102]

Key to Scirpus

1. Spikelets all or many solitary, ± stalked; perianth bristles strongly curled in fruit

2. Perianth bristles exceeding flower bracts; stem 3–5 mm diam at middle; flower bract midrib ± green to pale ± brown, ± obscure; fruit 0.6–0.9 mm ..... S. cyperinus

2' Perianth bristles not exceeding flower bracts; stem 0.6–3 mm diam at middle; flower bract midrib generally green, prominent; fruit 1–1.8 mm ..... S. pendulus

1' Spikelets in head-like clusters, sessile; perianth bristles ± curled or curved to straight in fruit

3. Ligule present; fruit generally 2-angled; stigmas 2(3); perianth bristles curved to straight in fruit, fine-toothed ..... S. microcarpus

3' Ligule 0; fruit generally 3-angled; stigmas 3(2); perianth bristles ± curled to straight in fruit, fine-toothed above middle

4. Perianth bristles >> fruit, teeth generally ascending; flower bract generally ± black ..... S. congdonii

4' Perianth bristles < to > fruit, teeth generally reflexed; flower bract green to brown or ± black ..... S. diffusus


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