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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Perennial herb [annual] 5–100(150) cm; rhizomes generally 0. Stem: generally 3-angled, <= 2 mm diam, glabrous, margin often minute-scabrous. Leaf: few to many, basal and cauline, spiraled; blade > sheath, 0.5–3 mm wide, proximally flat, midrib abaxially keeled or not, margin generally, midrib occasionally scabrous; sheath permanently tubular (not splitting), glabrous; ligule present or 0. Inflorescence: generally several, terminal and axillary, branched [head]; spikelets several to many, cylindric, 3.5–5.5 mm, on short stalks with spikelet bracts; flower bracts ± 5, spiraled [2-ranked], each with 1 flower in axil or proximal 1 or more smaller, with 0 flower, and intergrading with spikelet bracts, 1.7–3.5(4) mm, ovate, membranous, glabrous, generally mucronate or short-awned. Flower: bisexual or occasionally distal-most staminate; perianth bristles 2–12[20], to ± exceeding tubercle, barbed, persistent on fruit [not]; style 2[3]-branched, base much enlarged, persistent on fruit as a prominent tubercle. Fruit: 2-sided [± cylindric], body (except tubercle) obovate to pear-shaped, smooth or winkled [variously sculptured otherwise], brown.
> 250 species: especially tropics. (Greek: snout seed) [Kral 2002 FNANM 23:200–239] Kral's (2002) statement that Rhynchospora kunthii Kunth, Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral (treated here as a synonym of Rhynchospora globularis) are both in California is evidently undocumented.

Key to Rhynchospora

1. Perianth barbs reflexed; fruit ± smooth, base narrow-stalk-like

2. Perianth bristles 10–12; spikelets pale-brown to ± white ..... R. alba

2' Perianth bristles 5–7; spikelets brown to dark brown ..... R. capitellata

1' Perianth barbs ascending; fruit wrinkled, base wide-stalk-like or not stalk-like

3. Perianth bristles generally exceeding tubercle tip; fruit base wide-stalk-like ..... R. californica

3' Perianth bristles generally exceeded by tubercle base; fruit base not stalk-like ..... R. globularis


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