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Gordon C. Tucker

Annual, glabrous. Stem: ± erect, 1–20 cm. Leaf: basal, 1–3. Inflorescence: inflorescence bracts 1–3, leaf-like; spikelets in dense, spheric to cylindric spikes, 50–150, dense, spiraled, sessile; flower bracts spiraled, 100–400, (1)2 per flower (a 2nd, inner bract between flower, spikelet axis generally present), outer > inner, mucronate to awned, brown, with 1 central green, 2–10 lateral ± white veins, inner generally colorless, generally veinless. Flower: bisexual; perianth 0; stamens 1–3, anthers 0.2–0.3 mm; styles 2-branched. Fruit: 3-angled to ± flat, abruptly soft-pointed, papillate, brown.
± 35 species: North America, tropics, warm temperate. (Greek: falling chaff, from translucent inner flower bract) [Tucker 2002 FNANM 23:195–197]
Unabridged references: [Goetghebeur & van den Borre 1989 Wageningen Agr Univ Pap 89:1–87]

Key to Lipocarpha

1. Outer flower bract awn (0.6)1–1.5 mm, outcurved; fruit light brown ..... L. occidentalis

1' Outer flower bract awn <= 1 mm, ± straight to outcurved; fruit light red-brown to black or light to dark brown

2. Inner flower bract ± = fruit; outer flower bract awn 0.5–1 mm; fruit light red-brown to black ..... L. aristulata

2' Inner flower bract 0 or < 1/2 fruit; outer flower bract awn < 0.2 mm; fruit light to dark brown ..... L. micrantha


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