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John M. Miller & Kenton L. Chambers

Annual, perennial herb, glabrous, ± fleshy, ± aquatic or not, matted or not. Leaf: cauline > 2, alternate or opposite, free, entire. Inflorescence: raceme, 1-sided; lowest flower generally bracted; pedicel recurved, erect in fruit. Flower: petals (3)5, equal or 2 larger, white to pink; stamens (3)5, epipetalous; ovary chamber 1, placentas basal, style 1, stigmas 3. Fruit: valves 3, margins rolled in, forcibly expelling seeds. Seed: 1–3, generally black, smooth to tubercled, appendaged or not.
12 species: Worldwide. (Giuseppe Monti, Italian botanist, 1682–1760) [Heenan 2007 New Zealand J Bot 45:437–439] Sometimes divided into 9 genera.
Unabridged references: [Miller 2003 FNANM 4:485–488; Moore 1963 Bot Not 116:16–30]

Key to Montia

1. Leaves opposite, not much reduced upwards

2. Perennial herb, from leafy stolons with pink overwintering bulblets; petals 5–9 mm, >> sepals ..... M. chamissoi

2' Annual, without stolons or overwintering bulblets; petals 1–2 mm, ± = sepals ..... M. fontana

1' Leaves alternate, reduced upwards or not

3. Perennial herb; leaves basal and on stolons; petals 7–15 mm ..... M. parvifolia

3' Annual; leaves basal and cauline or generally cauline; petals < 6.5 mm

4. Leaves lanceolate to deltate; seed appendage 0.2–0.4 mm ..... M. diffusa

4' Leaves ± linear; seed appendage 0 or << 0.2 mm

5. Sepals 3–7 mm; stem 4–25 cm; lower stem leaves 2–10 cm; seeds 1.4–2.5 mm ..... M. linearis

5' Sepals < 2.5 mm; stem 1–9 cm; lower stem leaves 0.5–4.5 cm; seeds 0.7–1.2 mm

6. Inflorescence in axils of stem leaves and terminal; plants often tufted, not matted, not rooting at nodes ..... M. dichotoma

6' Inflorescence in axils of membranous bracts opposite stem leaves; plants matted, rooting at lower nodes, not tufted ..... M. howellii


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