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C. Matt Guilliams & John M. Miller

Annual [perennial herb], ± fleshy, ± glabrous or glaucous. Stem: several to many, prostrate to ascending [erect], 3–45 cm. Leaf: simple, alternate; blade linear to spoon-shaped, flat [cylindric]. Inflorescence: raceme or panicle; bracts leaf-like [or scarious]. Flower: sepals 2, overlapped, persistent in fruit; petals (3)5(7), ± pink-purple (white); stamens 3–15; stigmas 3. Fruit: 3-valved. Seed: 6–many, ovate to ± elliptic, generally black, smooth, finely tubercled, or with fine, net-like pattern.
14 species: western America. (J.L. Calandrini, Swiss scientist, 1703–1758) [Hershkovitz 2006 Gayana Bot 63:13–74; Kelley 2003 FNANM 4:459–460] Other taxa in TJM (1993) moved to Cistanthe; number of species (150) indicated in TJM (1993) and TJM2 (2012) should have been much smaller. Calandrinia menziesii added, as segregated from Calandrinia ciliata, which as newly circumscribed does not occur in California and therefore has been removed.
Unabridged references: [Ford 1992 Ph.D. Dissertation, Univ of Washington; Hershkovitz 1991 Phytologia 70:209–225; Hershkovitz 1993 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 80:333–365, 366–396; Kelley 1973 M.S. Thesis, California State Univ, Northridge]

Key to Calandrinia

1. Fruit generally > calyx by 3+ mm; seed finely tubercled ..... C. breweri

1' Fruit generally not > calyx by 3+ mm; seed with fine, net-like pattern ..... C. menziesii


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