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Rebecca L. Stubbs, Ruth E. Timme & Dieter H. Wilken

Annual, perennial herb. Stem: decumbent to erect, 10–100 cm, glandular-hairy, hairy, or glabrous. Leaf: pinnate-compound, alternate; basal petiole base membranous or not, sheathing or not; cauline sessile above; leaflets entire to divided, glabrous to glandular-hairy. Inflorescence: cyme or head. Flower: calyx bell-shaped, membranous in age but not separated into membrane and lobes, glandular-hairy; corolla rotate to funnel- or bell-shaped, tube << throat, lobes white to blue or purple; stamens attached at 1 level, filaments hairy at base; ovary generally ± 1 mm, ± 1 mm wide. Fruit: ovoid to spheric. Seed: <= 10, generally 1–3 mm, elliptic to ovate, ± gelatinous when wet, brown to black.
± 30 species: America, Eurasia. (Greek: perhaps from Polemon, Athenian philosopher, or polemos, strife or war) [Pritchett 1993 M.S. Thesis, San Francisco State Univ; Stubbs & Patterson 2013 Madroño 60:243–248] Perennial herb generally cross-pollinated, annual self-pollinated. Polemonium eddyense newly described; Polemonium pulcherrimum var. shastense newly recognized.
Unabridged references: [Grant 1989 Bot Gaz 150:158–169; Pritchett & Patterson 1998 Madroño 45:200–209]

Key to Polemonium

1. Annual; flowers 1–2 in axils ..... P. micranthum

1' Perennial herb; flowers generally clustered at stem tips

2. Leaflets 2–5-lobed; inflorescence a dense, rounded head

3. Style included; petiole base generally not membranous ..... P. eximium

3' Style slightly or much exserted; petiole base membranous

4. Calyx lobes acuminate; pistil 5–10 mm, style slightly exserted; petioles 1–5 cm ..... P. chartaceum

4' Calyx lobes rounded; pistil 10.3–13.8 mm, style much exserted; petioles 0.5–1 cm ..... P. eddyense

2' Leaflets entire; inflorescence various but not head-like

5. Plant not cespitose, stems generally solitary, erect, 40–100 cm; leaves cauline

6. Corolla lobes generally white to pale pink to rarely purple (often purple on herbarium specimens); leaflets elliptic ..... P. carneum

6' Corolla lobes purple to generally blue; leaflets lanceolate ..... P. occidentale

5' Plant cespitose, stems clumped or tufted, decumbent to erect, 5–25 cm; leaves ± basal

7. Terminal leaflet ± fused with adjacent pair; corolla limb 7–15 mm diam; dry, open to shaded areas in montane forest ..... P. californicum

7' Terminal leaflet generally free from adjacent pair; corolla limb 5–11 mm diam; subalpine to alpine talus ..... P. pulcherrimum

8. Corolla lobes blue to purple; herbage sparsely glandular-hairy ..... var. pulcherrimum

8' Corolla lobes white, generally with pink veins or tinge (individual flowers or plants rarely without pink); herbage densely glandular-hairy ..... var. shastense


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