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1. Corolla tube generally < 10 mm; inflorescence open to head-like, terminal

2. Annual

3. Corolla ± bilateral, deep pink to white mottled pink; stamens exserted ..... [I. effusa]

3' Corolla radial, generally white; stamens generally included ..... I. polycladon

2' Perennial herb ..... I. congesta

4. Leaf pinnate-lobed ..... subsp. congesta

4' Leaf palmate-lobed ..... subsp. montana

1' Corolla tube 10–45 mm; inflorescence clusters, lateral

5. Corolla white to pink or lavender, ± speckled at lobe bases, tube 25–45 mm ..... I. tenuituba

5' Corolla generally red, mottled white on lobes, throat or not, tube 5–30 mm

6. Corolla ± bilateral, lobes notched; stamens strongly exserted ..... I. tenuifolia

6' Corolla radial, lobes acute to acuminate; stamens included or exserted

7. Corolla tube 10–20 mm; anthers included; e Desert Mountains ..... I. arizonica

7' Corolla tube 20–30 mm; anthers exserted; Klamath Ranges, High North Coast Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... I. aggregata

8. Pollen white, light yellow, or ± blue; cauline leaf lobes acute ..... subsp. aggregata

8' Pollen generally blue; cauline leaf lobes blunt to rounded ..... subsp. bridgesii


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