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1. Perennial herb ..... E. densifolium

2. Corolla 20–37 mm

3. Corolla 20–25 mm, lobes 1/3–1/2 corolla; leaves glabrous to subglabrous; coastal dunes, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara cos. ..... subsp. densifolium

3' Corolla 25–37 mm, lobes ± 1/3 corolla; leaves woolly; Santa Ana River drainage, sw San Bernardino Co. ..... subsp. sanctorum

2' Corolla < 20 mm

4. Leaves strongly recurved, blade wider at base than tip, lobes spine-tipped – East of Sierra Nevada, Mojave Desert ..... subsp. mohavense

4' Leaves not recurved, blade generally equally wide at base, tip, generally not spine-tipped

5. Bracts generally 5–9 lobed; inflorescence generally terminal, 10–20 flowered; leaves subglabrous to ± canescent ..... subsp. austromontanum

5' Bracts generally (0)3–5(7)-lobed; inflorescences generally terminal and axillary, 1–10(15)-flowered; leaves ± canescent to woolly ..... subsp. elongatum

1' Annual (occasionally short-lived perennial herb)

6. Stamens attached at or just below corolla sinus, corolla 11–24 mm ..... E. pluriflorum

7. Plant ± open; leaves thread-like; corolla generally salverform, tube + throat generally > 2 × lobes; chaparral, grassland, savanna, woodland, pine forest ..... subsp. pluriflorum

7' Plant generally dense, occasionally cespitose; leaves linear; corolla narrowly funnel-shaped, tube + throat generally <= 2 × lobes; open sandy flats, deserts ..... subsp. sherman-hoytiae

6' Stamens attached well below corolla sinus, if higher, corolla < 15 mm

8. Stamens exserted > 1/2 length of corolla lobes

9. Corolla lobes bright yellow ..... E. luteum

9' Corolla lobes white, lavender, or variously blue

10. Corolla generally bilateral; stamens generally unequal ..... E. eremicum subsp. eremicum

10' Corolla ± radial (or bilateral from unequal sinuses in Eriastrum sapphirinum), stamens generally equal

11. Stamens exceeded by tips of corolla lobes; corolla lobes < 4 mm ..... E. filifolium

11' Stamens equaling to exceeding tips of corolla lobes (almost equaling to exceeding in Eriastrum sapphirinum subsp. dasyanthum); corolla lobes >= 4 mm

12. Corolla tube > 3 × throat, tube + throat generally >= 1.5 × lobes; plants ± not glandular; Central Coast, n South Coast Ranges (Monterey, San Benito cos.) ..... E. virgatum

12' Corolla tube < 3 × throat, tube + throat generally <= 1.5 × lobes; plants often glandular; s Sierra Nevada Foothills, Southwestern California (except Channel Islands), w Desert ..... E. sapphirinum

13. Flowers 3+ per cluster; corolla lobes dark to royal blue, pale blue, or white; calyx, bracts occasionally ± glandular, woolly ..... subsp. dasyanthum

13' Flowers 1–3 per cluster; corolla lobes bright blue to lavender; calyx, bracts glandular, ± woolly to subglabrous ..... subsp. sapphirinum

8' Stamens included or exserted < 1/2 length of corolla lobes

14. Anthers included

15. Upper leaves, bracts generally pinnate-3–7-lobed; inflorescence many-flowered, densely bracted, densely woolly ..... E. abramsii

15' Upper leaves, bracts entire, pinnate-1–4-lobed, or palmate-5-lobed; inflorescence few-flowered, few-bracted, ± woolly

16. Corolla 5–7 mm; seeds (1)2–4 per chamber

17. Corolla white with blue tint or streaks; anthers just at sinus ..... E. ertterae

17' Corolla white; anthers not reaching sinus ..... E. hooveri

16' Corolla >= 7 mm, white, pink, lavender, or light blue; seeds 1(2) per chamber

18. Stamens 1.5–2 mm, filaments ± 2 × anther; corolla lobes narrowly elliptic, ± 3 × longer than wide ..... E. brandegeeae

18' Stamens 0.5–1.5 mm, filaments ± = anther; corolla lobes widely elliptic, ± 2 × longer than wide ..... E. tracyi

14' Anthers exserted

19. Stamens unequal; corolla lobes generally > 1.25 mm wide

20. Corolla generally 6–9 mm; stem wiry; plants erect or spreading, generally subglabrous; leaves generally 1–3-lobed near base; East of Sierra Nevada, Desert ..... E. diffusum

20' Corolla 9–14 mm; stem generally not wiry; plants erect, woolly-hairy to occasionally subglabrous; leaves entire or 1–7-lobed near base; High Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province, n Desert Mountains ..... E. wilcoxii

19' Stamens equal; corolla lobes generally <= 1.25 mm wide

21. Plant minutely glandular-hairy ..... E. sparsiflorum

21' Plant ± glabrous to woolly-hairy or woolly, generally ± not glandular

22. Corolla lobes pale yellow to white ..... E. harwoodii

22' Corolla lobes pale blue to pink

23. Corolla generally < 7 mm, corolla lobes without spot ..... E. rosamondense

23' Corolla >= 7 mm, corolla lobe base generally with maroon spot, occasionally faint ..... E. signatum


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