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Leigh A. Johnson & Alva G. Day

Annual, hairy, ± minutely glandular. Stem: erect, generally branched. Leaf: alternate, dark green, generally deeply pinnate-lobed, ± palmate-lobed upward; lobes linear to lanceolate, blunt-tipped, central lobe widest. Inflorescence: flowers generally in clusters. Flower: calyx tube narrowly membranous between lobes, lobes blunt-tipped, translucent below in fruit, membrane splitting; corolla radial or bilateral, funnel-shaped, throat narrow, tapered, lobes narrowly obovate; stamens attached in tube. Fruit: < calyx, spheric; valves generally falling. Seed: 1–3 per chamber, concave, black or brown, gelatinous when wet, ends rounded.
4 species: western North America. (Greek: other leaf) [Grant & Grant 1955 Aliso 3:93–110]

Key to Allophyllum

1. Widest leaves or leaf lobes 2–4 mm wide, linear to narrowly lanceolate; corolla dark blue-purple; stem glands short-stalked ..... A. gilioides

2. Flowers 4–8 in ± dense clusters ..... subsp. gilioides

2' Flowers 1 or loosely paired or in 3s, not clustered ..... subsp. violaceum

1' Widest leaves or leaf lobes 3–15 mm wide, lanceolate to elliptic; corolla not dark blue-purple; stem glands short- or long-stalked

3. Corolla ± 2-lipped, lobes 1/2 to = tube + throat; longest stamens well exserted ..... A. glutinosum

3' Corolla not 2-lipped; lobes < 1/3 tube + throat; longest stamens exserted or including

4. Lower leaves 3–13-lobed; corolla 8–22 mm, tube red-purple, lobes pink ..... A. divaricatum

4' Lower leaves entire or coarsely toothed; corolla <= 11 mm, white to pale blue ..... A. integrifolium


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