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1. Leaves deciduous; sepals 5; fruit black, 3-stoned ..... R. alnifolia

1' Leaves evergreen; sepals 4–5; fruit red, 2-stoned, or black, 3-stoned

2. Leaf blade 20–60 mm, elliptic or ovate to lance-ovate; sepals 5; fruit black, 3-stoned — Central Coast (Monterey Co.), South Coast (Newport Back Bay), expected elsewhere ..... [R. alaternus]

2' Leaf blade 10–40 mm, elliptic to round; sepals 4; fruit red, 2-stoned (Rhamnus crocea complex)

3. Leaf blade <= 15 mm, flat abaxially; branches spreading ..... R. crocea

3' Leaf blade >= 15 mm, flat to concave abaxially; branches generally ascending

4. Leaf blade elliptic; small tree; Channel Islands ..... R. pirifolia

4' Leaf blade elliptic to round; shrub; mainland

5. Leaf blade glabrous or hairy abaxially, glabrous adaxially; twigs glabrous to finely hairy; California Floristic Province, Desert Mountains ..... R. ilicifolia

5' Leaf blade soft hairy; twigs densely hairy; s Peninsular Ranges (San Diego Co.) ..... R. pilosa


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