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Perennial herb from large taproot. Stem: much-branched. Leaf: petioled; blade < 8 cm, fleshy, margin often wavy. Inflorescence: head or umbel; bracts 5–10, green; flowers maturing 1 side of inflorescence before the other; receptacle flat or rounded, studded with peg-shaped pedicel-like projections 1–3 mm. Flower: nocturnal, perianth trumpet-shaped, lobes 4–5; stamens 3–5, included; stigma linear, included. Fruit: wings 2–4, wide, surrounding fruit body, translucent, conspicuously net-veined.
4 species: arid North America. (Greek, Latin: 3-winged cup, from fruit) [Galloway 2003 FNANM 4:70–71] Closely related to Abronia.

Key to Tripterocalyx

1. Perianth (8)18–25 mm, lobes obvious; fruit wings 2(3), hairy on margins and generally on veins near base; Modoc Plateau ..... T. crux-maltae

1' Perianth 6–18 mm, lobes inconspicuous; fruit wings (2)3(4), hairy only on margins; Mojave Desert ..... T. micranthus


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