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Annual, perennial herb. Stem: prostrate to erect; internode often with sticky region. Leaf: petioled; blade 1–6 cm, paler beneath, often brown-dotted. Inflorescence: panicle-like, branches ending in umbel, spike-like raceme, or paired or solitary flowers; bracts 1–3, free, not forming involucre. Flower: closing by evening; perianth bell-shaped, tube < 5 mm, limb < 3 mm; stamens 1–5; stigma ± spheric, generally exserted. Fruit: < 4 mm, club-shaped; ribs 4–5; wings 0.
± 40 species: warm regions worldwide. (H. Boerhaave, Dutch botanist, 1668–1738) [Spellenberg 2003 FNANM 4:17–28]

Key to Boerhavia

1. Perianth red to purple (pale red); perennial herb; fruit glandular hairy

2. Branches hairy, generally glandular; leaves throughout plant ..... B. coccinea

2' Branches ± glabrous; leaves ± in lower 1/2 of plant ..... B. diffusa

1' Perianth pale pink to white; annual; fruit glabrous

3. Inflorescence generally ending in umbels of 3–6(8) flowers or flowers 1 or paired ..... B. triquetra var. intermedia

3' Inflorescence ending in spike-like raceme

4. Bracts deciduous, << fruit; fruit ribs generally 5; stem short-hairy ..... B. coulteri var. palmeri

4' Bracts ± persistent, ± = fruit; fruit ribs generally 4; stem glandular-hairy ..... B. wrightii


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