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Key to Abronia

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1. Stems densely cespitose or in mats < 20 cm wide; montane; perennial herb

2. Inflorescence 1–5-flowered; plant in mats; leaves cauline, blade ± round; fruit wing 0 ..... A. alpina

2' Inflorescence >= 6-flowered; plant densely tufted; leaves basal, blade oblong to ± round; fruit winged ..... A. nana var. covillei

1' Stems elongate, not cespitose, when prostrate in mats >> 25 cm; coastal, desert, or montane; annual or perennial herb

3. Perennial herb; leaf fleshy; perianth limb yellow or wine-red; coastal

4. Leaf blade ± as long as wide; perianth limb yellow ..... A. latifolia

4' Leaf blade longer than wide; perianth limb wine-red ..... A. maritima

3' Annual (perennial herb); leaf ± not fleshy; perianth limb white, pink, red, or magenta; coastal or inland

5. Fruit wings thick, hollow, inflated or ± collapsed and folded together; leaves ± glabrous (sparsely puberulent); inland, mostly desert ..... A. turbinata

5' Fruit wings thin, solid, rarely 0; leaves hairy to glandular-hairy; coastal or inland, mostly desert

6. Fruit wings 2(3); fruit broadly obcordate, with sinus at top between wings ..... A. pogonantha

6' Fruit wings generally 3–5 or 0; fruit cordate, obconic, or ovoid, with no sinus at top between wings

7. Fruit body ± smooth; immediate coast ..... A. umbellata

8. Perianth limb light to bright magenta, throat with a cream to light yellow spot; inflorescence sparse, flowers 10–18; fruit wings angled near tip ..... var. breviflora

8' Perianth limb light to dark magenta, throat with white spot; inflorescence ± dense, flowers 10–27; fruit wings broadly rounded near tip ..... var. umbellata

7' Fruit body with generally raised veins (most evident near tip); ± inland ..... A. villosa

9. Perianth tube 2–3.5 cm, limb (1)1.5–1.8 cm wide; fruit wings each with 1 prolonged, acute lobe distally ..... var. aurita

9' Perianth tube 1.3–2 cm, limb 0.6–1.2(1.5) cm wide; fruit wings each with 0 or 1 shallow, rounded lobe distally ..... var. villosa


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