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1. Branches alternate; leaf veins obscure, blade ovate to narrow-elliptic; perennial herb, subshrub; style branched < 1/3 from tip; fruit 4-grooved ..... T. canescens

2. Corolla 4–7.5 mm, limb 2.5–4.5 mm diam ..... var. canescens

2' Corolla 8–12 mm, limb 5–8 mm diam ..... var. pulchella

1' Branches opposite; leaf veins obvious, ± sunken, blade ovate, round, or obovate; annual, perennial herb; style branched 1/2–4/5 from tip; fruit 4-lobed

3. Rhizome present; stem ± glandular; leaf veins deeply sunken, lateral pairs 4–7 ..... T. plicata

3' Rhizome 0; stem ± nonglandular; leaf veins shallowly sunken, lateral pairs 2–3

4. Annual, not woody; style < calyx; leaf margin entire, lateral veins ± 30° from midvein; corolla pink to white; seed oblong-ovoid ..... T. nuttallii

4' Perennial herb, ± woody; style > calyx; leaf margin ± crenate, lateral veins ± 45° from midvein; corolla blue, purple, or lavender; seed spheric ..... T. palmeri


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