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Ronald B. Kelley & Elaine Joyal

Annual to perennial herb, glabrous to rough-hairy; roots generally fibrous. Stem: decumbent to erect. Leaf: basal generally oblong or oblanceolate; cauline generally linear to elliptic. Inflorescence: generally raceme-like cymes, coiled, in age ± open; bracts 0 (leaf-like). Flower: calyx lobes 5, tube hairs appressed to spreading, hooked at tip or not; corolla salverform or wide-funnel-shaped, generally blue, white, or yellow, appendages prominent or not; stamens included; style generally included. Fruit: nutlets generally 4, ± lens-shaped, smooth, shiny, each with raised outer margin, attachment scar adaxially, at base, small.
50 species: temperate, boreal. (Greek: mouse ear, from leaf) Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill reported from Orange Co., 1938, not persisting.
Unabridged references: [Grau 1964 Osterr Bot Zeitschr 111:561–617]

Key to Myosotis

1. Calyx tube hairs appressed, not hooked at tip

2. Corolla 2–5 mm diam; calyx tube ± <= lobes; style < nutlets; stem often decumbent but base not creeping or stolon-like; annual to short-lived perennial herb ..... M. laxa

2' Corolla 5–10 mm diam; calyx tube >> lobes; style ± >= nutlets; stem base often creeping or stolon-like; perennial herb ..... M. scorpioides

1' Calyx tube hairs at least some spreading, some or all hooked

3. Calyx lobes unequal, 2 longer; corolla 1–2 mm diam, white ..... [M. verna]

3' Calyx lobes ± equal; corolla 1–10 mm diam, generally blue, occasionally initially yellow or pink

4. Pedicel in fruit >= calyx; corolla 5–10 mm diam; perennial herb ..... M. latifolia

4' Pedicel in fruit < to << calyx; corolla 1–3 mm diam; annual, occasionally biennial

5. Flowers ± in upper 1/2 of pl; corolla yellow turning blue; style >= nutlets; abaxial leaf hairs not hooked at tip ..... M. discolor

5' Flowers ± throughout pl; corolla deep blue; style << nutlets; abaxial leaf hairs hooked at tip ..... M. micrantha


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