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[Annual] perennial herb (may flowering 1st year); hairs bristly, bases bulbous or not. Stem: ± erect. Leaf: basal and cauline, petioled to sessile, clasping, lance-linear [oblong to oblanceolate], ± entire. Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, generally spike-like cymes; tip coiled. Flower: corolla funnel-shaped to salverform, pale blue to violet, appendages 5, ovate to oblong, ± puberulent; stamens included to exserted. Fruit: nutlets 1–4, erect, ± ovoid, irregularly angled or wrinkled, exposed attachment scar basal or oblique, scar surrounded by thick rim.
± 35 species: Eurasia, Africa. Ornamental, cultivated for drugs, dyes. (Greek: ancient name for alkanet) Anchusa arvensis (L.) M. Bieb. occasionally in orchards.
Unabridged references: [Greuter 1965 Candollea 20:192–210]

Key to Anchusa

1. Calyx lobes >> tube, linear; nutlet straight, 5–10 mm ..... [A. azurea]

1' Calyx lobes 0.5 × tube, lanceolate; nutlet bent, 2–3 mm ..... A. officinalis


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