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Marc Baker, Bruce D. Parfitt & Jon Rebman

Perennial herb or shrub, erect to decumbent, many-branched, matted, succulent. Stem: winter- or drought-deciduous, regularly segmented, segments < 30 cm, < 6 cm diam, cylindric to club-shaped, fleshy, glabrous; ribs 0, tubercles generally elongate, occasionally 0. Leaf: deciduous. Spines: 0–many per areole, densest and longest near stem tip, < 4 mm wide, awl- to dagger-shaped, flat to angular, straight, roughened, tip smooth or barbed, epidermis at spine tip separating as a papery sheath; glochids generally numerous in each areole. Flower: lateral to terminal on stem, from upper portion of areole, 30–50 mm diam; perianth yellow or pink; ovary glabrous, spines 0–many, glochids many in each areole, scales 0. Fruit: indehiscent, obconic, base generally long-tapering, glabrous to densely spiny, glochids many in each areole. Seed: 3–6 mm, ± round, encased in an aril; bony, ± white when dry.
14 species: North America, Mexico. (H.A.J. Gruson, German engineer, industrialist, 1821–1895) Hybridization unknown.
Unabridged etymology: (Hermann August Jacques Gruson, German engineer, industrialist, 1821–1895)

Key to Grusonia

1. Perianth yellow; largest spine with cross-rows of rough papillae except at tip; ovary glochids stiff, reflexed-barbed ..... G. parishii

1' Perianth pink-magenta; largest spine smooth; ovary glochids hair-like, ascending-barbed ..... G. pulchella


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