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Shrub. Stem: generally several from base. Leaf: simple, alternate or opposite, sessile or petioled. Inflorescence: heads radiate, 1 or in few-headed cyme-like clusters; peduncles long or short; involucre hemispheric or bell-shaped; phyllaries in 2–3 series, generally unequal; receptacle convex, paleate; paleae entire or 3-lobed, folded around fruits. Ray flower: 8–15, sterile; corolla yellow; ray entire to 3-lobed. Disk flower: many; corolla yellow or orange; anther tips triangular; style tips triangular. Fruit: ± flattened, obovate, ± strigose, brown to black; pappus of scales, generally 2 longer, ± lanceolate, (0)2–6 shorter, readily-deciduous.
12 species: southwestern United States, northwestern Mexico. (Greek: like Bahia, an Asteraceae genus) [Schilling 2006 FNANM 21:174–176] Bahiopsis tomentosa (A. Gray) E.E. Schill. & Panero collected twice in southern South Coast in early 1900s, probably an escape from cultivation.
Unabridged references: [Schilling & Panero 2002 Bot J Linn Soc 140:65–76]
Unabridged note: The two early California collections of Bahiopsis tomentosa (A. Gray) E.E. Schill. & Panero [not included in TJM (1993)] were from San Diego Co. Their status as escapes from cultivation is based on a 1933 annotation by SF Blake w/ref. to Zoe 5:260. [San Diego, 14Apr1906, M.E. Jones s.n., POM; slope near La Jolla, 300 ft., Sep 1919, M.E. Spencer 1644, POM]. Bahiopsis tomentosa is otherwise known from Baja California Sur.

Key to Bahiopsis

1. Leaves oblong to ± lanceolate, shiny green, minutely strigose, resinous ..... B. laciniata

1' Leaves ± ovate, dull green to canescent-tomentose

2. Leaves short rough-hairy on faces, green, 1–3.5 cm, often toothed; veins not strongly raised abaxially ..... B. parishii

2' Leaves adaxially densely canescent-tomentose, abaxially dull green and loosely tomentose, 3–8 cm, entire; veins prominently raised abaxially ..... B. reticulata


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