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1. Pedicels generally 10–70 mm, generally > closed corollas; flower parts generally in 4s ..... Z. exaltata

1' Pedicels 0–40(60) mm, generally < closed corollas (except in some robust plants of Zeltnera venusta); flower parts in 5s

2. Leaves linear to thread-like; stigma 1, ± 2-lobed ..... Z. namophila

2' Leaves ovate or lanceolate to elliptic to oblanceolate or obovate; stigmas 1–2

3. Pedicels of proximal, central flowers 0–10 mm, of other flowers generally 0–5 mm, of distal often 0

4. Corolla lobes 2–7 mm, tips rounded; stigmas 2, wide-fan-shaped ..... Z. muehlenbergii

4' Corolla lobes (3)5–10 mm, tips acute to acuminate; stigma 1, lobes ± 2, wedge-shaped ..... Z. trichantha

3' Pedicels 2–40(60) mm

5. Calyx lobes keeled; corolla lobes 3–7 mm ..... Z. davyi

5' Calyx lobes not keeled; corolla lobes (2)5–20 mm.

6. Main stems from base generally several; basal leaves often rosetted, generally oblanceolate ..... Z. arizonica

6' Main stem from base generally 1; basal leaves 0 or generally not rosetted, narrow-ovate-oblong to lanceolate ..... Z. venusta


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