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Leigh A. Johnson

Annual, not cobwebby. Stem: erect, branched above; glabrous to glandular-hairy below, glandular but with 0 nonglandular hairs in inflorescence. Leaf: simple, alternate; basal generally suberect in rosette, 2–15 cm, generally 2–3-pinnate, axis linear, lobes spaced, ascending, segments narrower than or equaling leaf axis, tips acute; hairs long, shiny, translucent, minutely gland-tipped; cauline leaves reduced. Inflorescence: open; bracts linear or lobed at base; pedicels 1 or in unequal pairs, glandular; glands flat-topped, wider than stalk. Flower: calyx membranes wider than lobes, generally purple-spotted; corolla > calyx, funnel-shaped, throat yellow-spotted; shortest anther generally attached perpendicular to corolla tube (except in Saltugilia caruifolia); pollen blue. Fruit: narrowly ovoid, valves separating from top. Seed: 4–many per chamber, tan to golden, gelatinous when wet.
4 species: southern California, Baja California. (Latin: woodland + gilia, after Filippo Luigi Gilii, Italian naturalist, 1756–1821) [Johnson 2007 Novon 17:193–197] Seed germination stimulated by charcoal.

Key to Saltugilia

1. Corolla tube, throat white; tube included ..... S. australis

1' Corolla tube, generally throat pink, purple or lavender-blue (throat white or not in Saltugilia caruifolia); tube exserted

2. Corolla lobe base with purple marks; stamens attached at mid-throat, generally >= corolla lobes ..... S. caruifolia

2' Corolla lobe base lacking purple marks; stamens attached at corolla sinuses, <= corolla lobes

3. Corolla 7.5–11 mm, tube not glandular ..... S. latimeri

3' Corolla generally >= 11 mm, tube minutely glandular ..... S. splendens

4. Corolla tube 7–18 mm, 2–5 × calyx ..... subsp. grantii

4' Corolla tube 4–10 mm, 1–2 × calyx ..... subsp. splendens


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