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H.E. Connor & S.J. Darbyshire

Perennial herb, cespitose, occasionally shortly rhizomed. Stem: erect to nodding, up to 1 m. Leaf: sheath glabrous or hairy, with tuft of hairs at tip; ligule a rim of hairs; blades persistent or breaking apart at ligules, flat or inrolled, glabrous or hairy. Inflorescence: generally raceme-like or few-branched, panicle-like. Spikelet: laterally compressed; glumes subequal, veins 3–13; florets 3–10, bisexual, breaking apart above glumes and between florets; callus sharp or ± blunt with lateral tufts of stiff hairs; lemma ovate to lanceolate with 2 complete or incomplete transverse rows of tufts of hairs occasionally reduced to marginal tufts, veins 5–9, 2-lobed, lobes often bristle-tipped, central awn from between lobes generally with twisted column. Fruit: obovate to elliptic.
45–50 species: temperate South America, New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea. (Greek: wrinkled seed) [Darbyshire & Connor 2003 FNANM 25:309–312] Florets cross-pollinated and anthers long, or self-pollinated and anthers short. Rytidosperma biannulare (Zotov) Connor & Edgar and Rytidosperma richardsonii (Cashmore) Connor & Edgar occasionally escaped from research plots, not known to have persisted.

Key to Rytidosperma

1. Upper and lower lemma hairs (except callus) in 2 continuous rows of tufts ..... R. caespitosum

1' Upper lemma hairs (except callus) in isolated tufts or in tufts at margins only, lower row of tufts generally continuous

2. Callus hairs generally overlapping lower row of lemma hairs; lateral lemma lobes gradually narrowed to awn; central awn 5–17.5 mm ..... R. penicillatum

2' Callus hairs rarely reaching lower row of lemma hairs; lateral lemma lobes abruptly narrowed to awn; central awn 11–14 mm ..... R. racemosum


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