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Robert Patterson & Robyn Battaglia

Annual, perennial herb. Stem: generally erect, generally branched from base. Leaf: cauline, opposite, entire or lobes 3–9, palmate, linear to narrowly lanceolate or spoon-shaped, generally not fused by membrane. Inflorescence: head, open clusters, few-flowered cyme, or flower 1; bracts ± leaf-like, generally palmate-lobed, lobes generally not connected by translucent membrane; flowers sessile or not. Flower: sepals generally equal; corolla funnel-shaped, salverform, or bell-shaped, with hairy ring inside tube or generally not (determined at 10×); stamens attached at 1 level, pollen yellow.
30 species: western North America, Chile. (Greek: narrow tube, for corollas of some species) [Battaglia & Patterson 2001 Madroño 48:62–78] Calyx lobe membrane generally expressed as length relative to calyx or lobe length, or as width relative to calyx lobe.

Key to Leptosiphon

1. Perennial herb

2. Leaf lobes 0 ..... L. floribundus subsp. hallii

2' Leaf lobes palmate

3. Leaf lobes generally 3; pedicel generally 1–6 mm ..... L. floribundus

4. Leaf, calyx hairy ..... subsp. floribundus

4' Leaf, calyx glabrous ..... subsp. glaber

3' Leaf lobes generally 5; pedicel 0 or << 1 mm

5. Corolla tube > calyx; leaf lobes lance-linear; seeds > 2 mm ..... L. pachyphyllus

5' Corolla tube <= calyx; leaf lobes generally linear; seeds < 2 mm ..... L. nuttallii

6. Leaf, calyx sparsely hairy ..... subsp. nuttallii

6' Leaf, calyx densely hairy

7. Leaf lobes 3–7 mm; High North Coast Ranges ..... subsp. howellii

7' Leaf lobes 5–10 mm; East of Sierra Nevada ..... subsp. pubescens

1' Annual

8. Corolla not both salverform and in dense bracted heads

9. Flowers sessile

10. Corolla 15–30 mm; c Central Western California ..... L. grandiflorus

10' Corolla < 15 mm; s Southwestern California, Sonoran Desert ..... L. lemmonii

9' Flowers pedicelled

11. Hairy ring inside corolla 0, filaments glabrous; corolla generally < calyx

12. Stem branches generally above base or 0; corolla tube << lobes; stamens exserted; seeds 1 per chamber ..... L. harknessii

12' Stem branches at base; corolla tube >= lobes; stamens included; seeds > 1 per chamber ..... L. pygmaeus

13. Corolla white; Sierra Nevada Foothills, Great Central Valley, Central Western California, Southwestern California (except Channel Islands) ..... subsp. continentalis

13' Corolla blue; s Channel Islands (San Clemente) ..... subsp. pygmaeus

11' Hairy ring inside corolla present or, if 0, then filaments hairy; corolla > calyx

14. Hairy ring inside corolla 0; filaments hairy at base

15. Stem branched at base; calyx membrane as wide as lobes; corolla veins obscure ..... L. filipes

15' Stem branched above base; calyx membrane wider than lobes; corolla veins conspicuous ..... L. liniflorus

14' Hairy ring inside corolla present; filaments glabrous (rarely hairy at base in Leptosiphon septentrionalis)

16. Corolla 2–4 mm; stamens attached at or below hairy ring ..... L. septentrionalis

16' Corolla 4–15 mm; stamens attached above hairy ring

17. Corolla tube < lobes ..... L. aureus

18. Corolla lobes bright yellow ..... subsp. aureus

18' Corolla lobes white ..... subsp. decorus

17' Corolla tube > lobes

19. Stigmas 1–2 mm; corolla throat generally maroon; stamens attached at or above mid throat; San Joaquin Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, Inner South Coast Ranges ..... L. ambiguus

19' Stigmas <= 1 mm; corolla throat yellow; stamens attached at or below mid throat; Northwestern California, Cascade Range, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, n High Sierra Nevada, San Francisco Bay Area, Modoc Plateau

20. Corolla tube < 5 mm, white, pink, blue, or lilac, <= calyx ..... L. bolanderi

20' Corolla tube 10–15 mm, maroon, > 1.5 × calyx ..... L. rattanii

8' Corollas both salverform (tube >> calyx) and in dense, bracted heads

21. Calyx membrane at least as wide as lobes

22. Bracts white-ciliate

23. Corolla tube 10–25 mm, lobes 2–4 mm ..... L. ciliatus

23' Corolla tube 25–30 mm, lobes 5–8 mm ..... L. montanus

22' Bracts not white-ciliate

24. Leaf lobes oblanceolate; corolla lobes generally truncate or ± notched; s High Sierra Nevada ..... L. oblanceolatus

24' Leaf lobes linear to lance-linear; corolla lobes rounded; s High Sierra Nevada and elsewhere in s California

25. Bract lobes not connected by translucent membrane; corolla tube glabrous outside; San Gabriel Mountains, San Bernardino Mountains, Mojave Desert ..... L. breviculus

25' Bract lobes connected at base by translucent membrane; corolla tube hairy outside; s High Sierra Nevada, Tehachapi Mountain Area ..... L. nudatus

21' Calyx membrane much narrower than lobes

26. Corolla tube 7–8 mm, < 2 × calyx ..... L. serrulatus

26' Corolla tube generally > 10 mm, 2–6 × calyx

27. Calyx hairs sparse or 0 except on margins, nonglandular

28. Corolla lobes generally < 4 mm; stigmas <= 1(3) mm ..... L. bicolor

28' Corolla lobes > 4 mm; stigmas < or > 1 mm

29. Corolla lobes 4–6 mm; stigmas generally < 2 mm ..... L. jepsonii

29' Corolla lobes 6–14 mm; stigmas generally > 2 mm

30. Corolla lobes generally 6–9 mm, rounded; leaf lobes spoon-shaped, tips rounded ..... L. rosaceus

30' Corolla lobes generally > 8 mm, often abruptly soft-pointed; leaf lobes narrowly oblanceolate to linear, tips pointed ..... L. androsaceus

27' Calyx hairs dense, glandular or not

31. Leaf, calyx lobes needle-like; corolla lobes 3(5) mm, bright yellow ..... L. acicularis

31' Leaf, calyx lobes not needle-like; corolla lobes generally > 5 mm, yellow or otherwise colored, but not both < 5 mm and yellow

32. Corolla lobes 2–4 mm, tube 5–16 mm ..... L. minimus

32' Corolla lobes >= 4 mm, tube generally > 14 mm

33. Corolla lobes > 5 mm wide, rounded, bright yellow; calyx lobes generally deltate ..... L. croceus

33' Corolla lobes < 5 mm wide, not both rounded and yellow; calyx lobes generally narrowly lanceolate

34. Tip of middle leaf lobe rounded, generally > 2 mm wide at widest point; corolla lobes abruptly soft pointed or generally truncate, tube generally > 1 mm wide ..... L. latisectus

34' Tip of middle leaf lobe acute, generally < 2 mm wide at widest point; corolla lobes rounded, tube generally < 1 mm wide ..... L. parviflorus


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