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Key to Oreostemma

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1. Stem, phyllaries, and often leaves densely short-stalked-glandular; stems 2–7 cm; leaves linear ..... O. peirsonii

1' Stem, phyllaries, and leaves glandless, glabrous or long-soft-hairy; stems 4–70 cm; leaves oblanceolate

2. Herbage, phyllaries ± glabrous to ± long-soft-hairy, always some hairs distally on peduncle and proximally on phyllaries; phyllaries leaf-like in texture and color or with a tan, slightly hardened base, outer proximally 0.8–1.2 mm wide, 1-veined ..... O. alpigenum var. andersonii

2' Herbage, phyllaries glabrous; phyllaries strongly hardened, proximally straw-colored, outer proximally 1.5–2 mm wide, 3-veined, veins dividing phyllary into 4 bands ..... O. elatum


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