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Guy L. Nesom

Annual to perennial herb, generally fibrous-rooted, often from rhizome or stolon. Stem: generally 1, erect, thinly and persistently white-tomentose. Leaf: basal and cauline, sometimes in rosettes, alternate, linear to (ob)lanceolate or spoon-shaped, narrowed or expanded at base, entire, adaxially generally green, ± glabrous, abaxially generally silvery-tomentose. Inflorescence: heads disciform, generally in terminal cluster subtended by leafy bracts, sometimes with axillary clusters, rarely 1; involucre cylindric to narrowly bell-shaped; phyllaries graduated in 3–4+ series, generally straw-colored to ± brown, sometimes ± pink or purple, transparent, base not glandular, distally stiff-papery; receptacle flat, smooth, epaleate. Pistillate flower: 16–150; corolla narrowly tubular, ± purple or distally so. Disk flower: 1–7; corolla purple or distally so; anther base tailed, tip ± triangular; style tip truncate, hair-tufted. Fruit: obovate-elliptic, slightly flattened, faces with minute, club-shaped papillae or hairs; pappus bristles in 1 series, deciduous, free or basally fused.
17 species: native to Australasia, eastern Asia; some species widely naturalized. (Greek: true tunic, for bracts closely subtending head cluster) [Nesom 2006 FNANM 19:440–442]
Unabridged references: [Nesom 2002 Sida 20:515–521]

Key to Euchiton

1. Annual; taprooted; leaf base not expanded; bracts subtending heads 4–8; heads in spheric clusters; disk flower 1 ..... E. sphaericus

1' Biennial or perennial herb; fibrous-rooted; cauline leaf base ± expanded; bracts subtending heads 2–5; heads in hemispheric clusters; disk flowers 3–5(7)

2. Stolons generally present; basal leaves in rosettes at flower; cauline leaves 2–4(6), blade 1–2 cm, 1–2 mm wide, linear to oblanceolate; bracts subtending heads 2–3, generally not surpassing heads; pistillate flowers 40–60 ..... E. gymnocephalus

2' Stolons generally 0; basal leaves withering before flower; cauline leaves 6–10, 3–8 cm, 2–3 mm wide, generally ± linear; bracts subtending heads 3–5, surpassing heads; pistillate flowers 80–150 ..... E. involucratus


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