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Evergreen. Leaf: leathery, adaxially ± glabrous, green, abaxially golden, with densely spaced, minute, appressed scales, margin entire or ± wavy above middle; stipules generally deciduous. Staminate inflorescence: branched or not, stiff, clustered or not, ascending to erect. Pistillate inflorescence: clustered below staminate on same or separate stalk, 1–3-flowered. Staminate flower: sepals generally 6, minute; stamens generally 8–10+. Fruit: nuts 1–3, enclosed by spiny, bur-like involucre, ovoid to ± spheric, ± angled; mature year 2.
2 species: western North America. (Greek: golden scale, from abaxial leaf)
Unabridged references: [Hjelmqvist 1960 Bot Not 113:373–380]

Key to Chrysolepis

1. Leaf tip generally obtuse to rounded, blade ± elliptic, 2–8(12) cm; plant shrub, top rounded; bark generally ± thin, ± smooth ..... C. sempervirens

1' Leaf tip abruptly long-tapered, blade lanceolate to oblong, 5–15 cm; plant shrub, tree, top ± conic; bark ± thick, rough, furrowed ..... C. chrysophylla

2. Tree, 15–30(45) m; leaf blade ± flat ..... var. chrysophylla

2' Shrub, small tree, < 5(10) m; leaf blade ± folded, margins upturned ..... var. minor


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