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Thomas J. Rosatti

Perennial herb, aquatic, rhizomes in mud. Stem: elongate, leafy, ends floating. Leaf: of 2 kinds: submersed, palmately dissected, opposite [whorled], short-petioled, not peltate; floating, simple, alternate, petioled, peltate, entire; stipules 0. Inflorescence: flowers 1 on long axillary peduncles, generally on or above water surface. Flower: bisexual, parts ± free; sepals, petals each 3[4], alternate, persistent; stamens 3–6 or 18–36(51), filaments slender, anthers opening lengthwise; carpels [1]2–18, ovaries superior, 1-chambered, ovules [1]2–3[5]. Fruit: achene- or follicle-like, indehiscent. Seed: 1–3, aril 0.
2 genera, 6 species: temperate, tropical America, Africa, eastern Asia, Australia; some Cabomba species cultivated for aquaria. [Taylor & Osborn 2006 Amer J Bot 93:344–356] Separation from Nymphaeaceae (carpels fused, fruits berry-like) confirmed by molecular data (Les et al. 1999 Syst Bot 24:28–46). —Scientific Editors: Bruce G. Baldwin, Robert E. Preston.
Unabridged references: [Les et al. 1999 Syst Bot 24:28–46; Taylor & Osborn 2006 Amer J Bot 93:344–356; Wiersema 1997 FNANM 3:78–80]
Unabridged note: Pollinated by wind (Brasenia) or insects (Cabomba).

Key to Cabombaceae

1. Leaves floating; stamens 18–36(51); submersed plant parts covered with thick mucilage ..... BRASENIA

1' Leaves submersed, in flower generally also a few floating; stamens 3–6; submersed plant parts not or ± covered with thin mucilage ..... CABOMBA


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