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Key to Aliciella

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1. Basal leaf blades 1–7 cm wide, obovate, coarsely dentate, teeth needle-like; filaments (at least longest) papillate

2. Stamens attached in lower throat; corolla lobes pink or magenta adaxially, pale pink abaxially; annual ..... A. latifolia subsp. latifolia

2' Stamens attached near base of tube, filaments 4 short, 1 long; corolla lobes magenta; perennial herb ..... A. ripleyi

1' Basal leaf blades generally <= 2 cm wide, lanceolate (oblanceolate to obovate for Aliciella triodon), pinnate-divided, entire, or if dentate then teeth mucronate but not needle-like; filaments smooth

3. Corolla throat ± constricted near mouth; corolla lobes 3-toothed, central tooth generally longest ..... A. triodon

3' Corolla throat widened near mouth; corolla lobes lanceolate- to ovate- or ± truncate-acuminate

4. Corolla lobes truncate-acuminate

5. Pedicels >> calyx; branches ± spreading; fruit spheric ..... A. humillima

5' Pedicels of 2 lengths, terminal < calyx, axillary > calyx; branches ascending; fruit narrowly ellipsoid ..... A. leptomeria

4' Corolla lobes lanceolate- to ovate-acuminate

6. Corolla generally 2–3.5 mm, pedicels >> calyx, spreading or recurved; fruit ± spheric ..... A. micromeria

6' Corolla generally 4.5–14 mm; pedicels of 2 lengths, terminal < calyx, axillary > calyx, all straight, ascending to erect (nodding in bud in A. monoensis); fruit ellipsoid or ovoid

7. Basal leaves 1–2 × pinnate-divided (in depauperate plants dentate but then midrib narrow) glandular hairs on basal leaves long

8. Corolla glandular-puberulent abaxially ..... A. hutchinsifolia

8' Corolla glabrous abaxially ..... A. monoensis (2)

7' Basal leaves dentate, serrate, or ± 1-pinnate-divided (if dentate then midrib wide); glandular hairs on basal leaves short, at least abaxially

9. Basal leaves adaxially glabrous ..... A. lottiae

9' Basal leaves adaxially glandular-puberulent ..... A. monoensis (2)


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