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1. Disk pappus 0; leaves not or minutely glandular ..... C. pungens

2. Paleae tips barely or not exserted, obtuse to acute, sometimes abruptly sharp-pointed; leaf margins bristly-ciliate, faces glabrous except midribs bristly ..... subsp. laevis

2' Paleae tips often strongly exserted, ± long-tapered, spine-tipped; leaf margins sometimes ciliate, at least near base, faces glabrous, scabrous, or coarsely hairy, midribs often bristly ..... subsp. pungens

1' Disk pappus of 3–5, linear to awl-shaped scales, or 8–12, narrowly oblanceolate to linear scales; leaves sometimes minutely to conspicuously glandular

3. Leaves densely soft- or coarse-hairy, stalked-glandular, glands yellow, brown, or black; anthers ± red to dark purple; disk pappus of 8–12, linear or narrowly oblanceolate scales ..... C. fitchii

3' Leaves glabrous, scabrous-puberulent, or ± coarsely to softly hairy, sometimes glandular, glands yellow; anthers yellow to ± brown or ± red to dark purple; disk pappus of 3–5, linear to awl-shaped scales ..... C. parryi

4. Anthers ± red to dark purple; leaves soft- or ± coarse-hairy or puberulent, stalked-glandular; paleae often with 2 purple lines along inner edges of scarious margins ..... subsp. australis

4' Anthers yellow or ± brown; leaves glabrous, scabrous-puberulent, or ± coarse-hairy, not soft-hairy, glandular or not; paleae lacking purple lines.

5. Leaves scabrous-puberulent and generally ± coarse-hairy or bristly-ciliate, not glandular or glands minute, scattered; involucre 3.5–5 mm; ray 2–3 mm ..... subsp. rudis

5' Leaves glabrous or coarsely hairy to puberulent, glandular or not; involucre 4–10 mm; ray 2.5–5(6) mm.

6. Peduncle bracts seldom glandular, sometimes with minute, stalked, ± yellow glands among nonglandular hairs; ray 2.5–3(4.5) mm ..... subsp. congdonii

6' Peduncle bracts coarsely glandular, glands sessile or short-stalked, yellow; ray 3–5(6) mm ..... subsp. parryi


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