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Bruce G. Baldwin

Perennial herb 1–8 dm. Stem: erect, branched from base or throughout. Leaf: basal and cauline, proximally opposite or in rosettes, distally alternate, ± sessile, oblong to linear, lance-linear, or oblanceolate, entire or toothed, coarsely to stiffly appressed-hairy or soft hairy, distal stalked-glandular. Inflorescence: heads radiate or discoid, 1 or in ± flat-topped or raceme-like clusters; involucre ± spheric or widely ellipsoid to bell-shaped, 4–6+ mm diam; phyllaries 0–3 or 7–15, lanceolate, elliptic, or oblanceolate, each ± 1/2 or fully enveloping a ray ovary, falling with fruit, minutely ciliate, stalked-glandular, minutely hairy or not; receptacle flat to convex, glabrous or minutely bristly; paleae in 1 series between ray and disk flowers, generally fused, phyllary-like, functionally an involucre in discoid heads, deciduous. Ray flower: 0, 1–3, or 7–15; corolla yellow, ray fan-shaped, deeply 3-lobed. Disk flower: 5–30, bisexual or staminate; corolla yellow, tube < throat, tube/throat often glabrous, lobes deltate, minutely bristly and glandular abaxially; anthers yellow, tips ovate; style glabrous proximal to branches, branches awl-shaped, densely hairy. Fruit: ± club-shaped, black or ± gray, ray fruit ± arched, compressed side-to-side or ± front-to-back, glabrous or hairy, beaked, beak 0.2–0.3 mm, offset adaxially, ray pappus 0 or crown-like; disk fruit if present ± straight, ± cylindric, hairy, disk pappus of 5–8 or 11–21 linear to lanceolate, ± square, or awl-shaped, fringed or ciliate to plumose, sometimes ± bristle-like scales.
2 species. (Greek: dissimilar fruits, from contrasting (fertile) ray and (sterile) disk ovaries of Anisocarpus madioides) [Baldwin & Strother 2006 FNANM 21:299–301]
Unabridged disk flower: anther bases sagittate.
Unabridged references: [Baldwin 1999 Novon 9:462–471; Carlquist et al. 2003 Tarweeds and silverswords: evolution of the Madiinae (Asteraceae)]

Key to Anisocarpus

1. Leaves dark green, 4–13 cm, entire or shallowly toothed; ray flowers 7–15; involucre 4–6 mm, ± spheric; disk flowers staminate; ray fruit compressed side-to-side; disk pappus 0.2–1.5 mm, of 5–8, linear to lanceolate or ± square, fringed scales ..... A. madioides

1' Leaves ± blue-green, 1–3 cm, entire; ray flowers 0 or 1–3; involucre 6–12 mm, widely ellipsoid to bell-shaped; disk flowers bisexual, forming fruits; ray fruit ± compressed front-to-back; disk pappus 4–7 mm, of 11–21, awl-shaped, or ± bristle-like, ciliate-plumose scales ..... A. scabridus


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