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Alison M. Mahoney & Robert J. McKenzie

Annual or perennial herb, ± glandular and/or with segmented hairs. Stem: 0, or prostrate and creeping with adventitious roots at nodes, or shortly decumbent to erect, ribbed, white-cobwebby. Leaf: alternate, basal in rosettes and/or cauline, petioled, (2)5–20(30+) cm, (1)2–5(7) cm wide, [ovate] obovate to spoon-shaped, ± deeply pinnately lobed, ultimate margin ± dentate-prickly [entire or shallowly toothed] or distal ± entire, adaxially finely cobwebby [densely woolly], abaxially densely white-woolly. Inflorescence: heads radiate, 1, peduncled; phyllaries graduated in 3–6 series, proximal narrowed to spreading or reflexed, awn-like, tips fringed, distal with expanded membranous tips; receptacle flat, ± pitted, pit margins with short, membranous scales, epaleate. Ray flower: sterile; ray adaxially yellow throughout or with ± deeper yellow proximal band (dried rays yellow or proximally ± white with distal blue margin and distally blue to ± brown-purple), abaxially yellow to ± blue, red, or purple; style 0. Disk flower: corolla yellow throughout, or distally ± green to ± black; anther tip ovate-triangular; style tip proximally slender, thickened distal to a minutely hairy node, branches minute. Fruit: obovoid-elliptic, compressed, 4–5-ribbed, faces roughened, woolly to ± glabrous, occasionally with proximal cluster of segmented hairs; pappus of [2–3] 6–10 scales < fruit, crown-like, or 0.
5 species: native southern Africa. (Greek: bear-capsule, probably for woolly fruit) [Mahoney 2006 FNANM 19:197]
Unabridged references: [McKenzie et al. 2005 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 92:569–594]

Key to Arctotheca

1. Annual from rosette, initially stemless, later stems short-decumbent to ± erect, branched in age, rarely rooting at stem bases; ray 6–15(22) mm; disk corolla proximally yellow, distally ± green to black ..... A. calendula

1' Perennial herb from rosette, initially stemless, later spreading by creeping stems, rooting at nodes, forming new rosettes; ray (20)25–40 mm; disk corolla yellow throughout ..... A. prostrata


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