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1. Stipe dark brown to generally ± black, with white exudate extending from leaf blade; leaf blade adaxially with dense white exudate; Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Valley(?), Inner South Coast Ranges ..... P. pallida

1' Stipe brown to red-brown, generally glabrous (sparse scattering of white exudate); leaf blade adaxially without exudate or with scattered sparse exudate; California Floristic Province, Great Basin Floristic Province, Desert Mountains

2. Leaf blade adaxially glabrous, abaxially with yellow to cream (white) exudate ..... P. triangularis

2' Leaf blade adaxially glandular, sticky, or with exudate, abaxially with white exudate

3. Leaf blade adaxially with sparse white exudate; s Peninsular Ranges (s San Diego Co.) ..... P. rebmanii

3' Leaf blade adaxially sticky or glandular, occasionally with sparse yellowish exudate from scattered stalked yellowish glands

4. Distal leaf segments and innermost lobes of basal leaflets entire or nearly so; leaf blades adaxially sticky, ± glandular; South Coast, Channel Islands ..... P. viscosa

4' Distal leaf segments and innermost lobes of basal leaflets regularly lobed or more divided; leaf blades adaxially glandular, sometimes sticky; San Bernardino Mountains, Peninsular Ranges, Desert Mountains

5. Leaves adaxially sticky, with stalked naked glands, blades generally longer than wide, with basal leaflets each smaller than remainder of leaf; s Peninsular Ranges (San Diego Co.) ..... P. glanduloviscida

5' Leaves not adaxially sticky, with inconspicuous stalked glands bearing small protuberances, blades ± as long as wide, with basal leaflets each ± same size as remainder of leaf, leaves thus ternate; San Bernardino Mountains, San Jacinto Mountains, Mojave Desert exc Desert Mountains (s edge), Desert Mountains ..... P. maxonii


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