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Barbara Ertter

Perennial herb, tufted, ± glandular; odor ± resinous. Stem: ascending to erect, 15–50(90) cm. Leaf: generally basal, odd-pinnately compound; leaflets 15–35 per side, ± overlapped, toothed to palmately divided, segments ± oblanceolate. Inflorescence: ± cyme; pedicels straight, bractlets 0. Flower: hypanthium cup-like, flat-bottomed, bractlets 5; sepals often reflexed; petals white or ± pink, midvein often ± red; stamens 20, filaments ± flat, often an erect tube; pistils many, ovaries superior, style attached below fruit tip, ± rough, thick. Fruit: achene, ± 1.5 mm.
2 species: California. (Latin: small Horkelia) Flower ± like Horkelia.

Key to Horkeliella

1. Filament opposite sepal center > adjacent ones; leaflet lobes (or 2° leaflets) generally 5–10; nonglandular hairs ± 0 to sparse, not obscuring glands; c High Sierra Nevada (e slope), w East of Sierra Nevada ..... H. congdonis

1' Filament opposite sepal center < adjacent ones; leaflet lobes generally < 5; nonglandular hairs ± 0 to dense, often obscuring glands; s High Sierra Nevada (w slope) ..... H. purpurascens


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