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Kenton L. Chambers

Annual, ± scapose; sap milky. Leaf: generally all basal, entire to pinnately lobed, glabrous or mealy, hairs drying as minute, white scales. Inflorescence: heads, liguliflorous, 1 on naked peduncle, ± nodding in bud; involucre glabrous; phyllaries in 2–4 series, ± lanceolate, reflexed when dry, outer < 1/3 × inner; receptacle flat, epaleate, ± pitted. Flower: 8–many; ligules equaling or slightly surpassing involucre, white or yellow, abaxially often ± red, readily withering. Fruit: 10-ribbed, gray to brown or ± purple; pappus scales 5, ± cut at tip, dull white (silvery) to ± brown, bristle-tip finely barbed.
2 species: western North America. (Greek: Stebbins' chicory, for G.L. Stebbins, Jr., American geneticist, evolutionist, 1906–2000) [Chambers 2006 FNANM 19:346–347] Species derived independently by hybridization: Uropappus lindleyi × annual Microseris.
Unabridged references: [Jansen et al. 1991 Amer J Bot 78:1015–1027]

Key to Stebbinsoseris

1. Fruit spindle-shaped, ± dark brown to ± purple, 5–8 mm, tip not widened at base of pappus; pappus scales 3–5 mm; n&c Central Coast, rare ..... S. decipiens

1' Fruit spindle-shaped to columnar, sometimes narrowed and long-tapered above, generally gray to pale brown or violet (or ± dark purple in South Coast) 4.5–12 mm, tip slightly widened at base of pappus; pappus scales 4–11 mm; widespread ..... S. heterocarpa


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