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Perennial herb, cespitose, < 15 cm, smooth. Stem: simple, < 1 mm diam, cylindric, grooved, not hollow. Leaf: basal or subbasal, spiraled; blade <= 1 mm wide; sheath brown; ligule present. Inflorescence: terminal, spikelet 1; inflorescence bract 1, like flower bracts, with leaf-like blade or not; spikelets 1, 3–4.6 mm, 1.5–2.8 mm wide, ovate, not ± flat, 2–6-flowered; flower bracts spiraled, each with 1 flower in axil, ovate, brown, membranous, tip entire. Flower: bisexual; perianth of 0–6 bristles, < fruit; stamens 3, anthers 0.8–1.5 mm. Fruit: obovate to elliptic, smooth, minute-mucronate or not; tubercle 0.
9 species: circumpolar or circumboreal. (Greek: hair stalk) [Crins 2002 FNANM 23:28–31] May be mistaken for Eleocharis.
Unabridged etymology: (Greek, tricho-, hair, and phorum, carrier or stalk)

Key to Trichophorum

1. Inflorescence bract > spikelet; rhizomes 0 ..... T. clementis

1' Inflorescence bract < spikelet; rhizomes long ..... T. pumilum


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