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Key to Leptosyne

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1. Perennial herb or shrub; stem stout, 3–20 dm; ray elliptic to oblong, much longer than wide; heads, including rays, generally 4–10 cm diam

2. Trunk erect, fleshy, to ± 2 m; stem solid; heads (1)8–20+ per cluster; peduncle 6–20 cm ..... L. gigantea

2' Trunk 0; stem hollow; heads generally 2–4 per cluster; peduncle 15–50 cm ..... L. maritima

1' Annual; stem slender, generally 0.5–4 dm; ray oblong to ovate or obovate; heads 1–7 cm diam

3. Disk fruit ciliate, pappus scales 2, 1–5 mm; ray fruit glabrous, pappus scales 0

4. Outer phyllaries triangular-ovate; disk pappus scales 2.5–5 mm ..... L. calliopsidea

4' Outer phyllaries linear to linear-oblong; disk pappus scales <= 3 mm

5. Disk pappus scales 1.7–2.8 mm; palea and disk fruit fused at base, falling together; rays spreading horizontally in fully opened heads ..... L. bigelovii

5' Disk pappus scales 0.9–1.3 mm; palea free from disk fruit, falling separately; rays reflexed in fully opened heads ..... L. hamiltonii

3' Disk and ray fruits similar, never ciliate; pappus 0 or of 1–2 scales, < 1 mm

6. Leaves ± flat, 1–2-pinnately divided into narrowly oblanceolate lobes 1–3 mm wide; outer phyllary bases with gland-tipped teeth ..... L. stillmanii

6' Leaves or leaf lobes linear or thread-like, 0.3–1.3 mm wide; phyllary teeth 0

7. Fruit rusty-tan to light brown or ± red, generally blotched with red or black spots near margin at least when young, puberulent, wings irregularly thickened, corky ..... L. californica

7' Fruit dark brown, shiny, ± glabrous, wings thin ..... L. douglasii


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